Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Repurposed Maternity Dress Project No. 2

I am leaving to train up north for a couple of days and I expect that I will be too busy to blog so I wanted to get this out before I take off.  This is the second project I was able to make from the maternity dress I picked up at the thrift shop, it was really fun.  I added a window with extra fabric that I had and applique'ed it with the dress fabric.  I also created a nice big pocket because I like big pockets on my aprons.  

I got the idea to applique' the dress' paisley print pattern onto the fabric and was really excited about my creative genius....until I remembered that in all of the years that I have sewn...I have never applique'd!  So with a little tuteledge from my mentor, I call her mom, and a couple of practice runs, I dove in and I think I swam pretty okay.  

My youngest daughter has returned to the nest for a while, I hope to have her sewing when I return from my trip.  She is very creative and has my sense of style, you know, boho-riche fashion with a boho-hobo budget, I really crack myself up sometimes.  I have a couple of projects that I think she'll have a blast working on.   I will keep you all updated.

Everyone have a safe, pleasantly peaceful week, see you in a couple!

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  1. The apron is so lovely. And even better it's a re-cycled one. Great job!

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