Sunday, January 15, 2012

Re-purposed television cabinet makes a great pantry

A few weeks ago my mom wanted to expand her pantry.  We have created a good sized little stockpile during our couponing days and she wanted to be able to organize better.  Mom's kitchen isn't that big and the pantry space that she had already was small with deep shelves, making inventory difficult.

At our local thrift store we found a nice heavy television cabinet that seemed likely to work for her, but when we got it home dad checked it out and he didn't think it would support the shelves that she wanted to install.  So, we went with plan B.

We switched out the cabinets, replacing the old one with the newly purchased one.  After cleaning up and painting the old cabinet which is made of pine, dad installed shelves and viola! Mom has enlarged her pantry storage considerably.

I love the baskets that she uses to organize and now she can see what is in there making shopping and rotation of products easier.  Check out the photos of the finished project, I love it!

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