Friday, February 10, 2012


A while back a friend who was planning weddings for two daughters just a few months apart turned me on to Pinterest.  It sounded cool, but it really didn't interest my already overflowing interest driven mind. One day I stumbled upon Pinterest (I think I was following a link) and I was in a creative mode so I created a couple of easy peasy boards: Favorite places, Favorite spaces, etc.  I almost completely ignored it for a very long time.

I began following several artsy blogs that caught my attention a little because it's cheaper than buying magazines which I love to read, but more for the content because there are really talented people out there that love to share their ideas and accomplishments.  I found so many great ideas that my brain was a little flooded and then I remembered Pinterest and that was all that she wrote!

If you have a creative mind and so many ideas that you are afraid you will forget them before you can get to them, go to Pinterest!  It's simple to use and a very cool way to post things you love while giving credit to its source.  You are welcome to check out my board anytime here.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hip Bag

Last summer while in Encinitas for my brother's wedding in Swamii Beach, I visited a great Farmer's Market and spotted the cutest Boho chic hip bag.  It soon became an obsession of mine.  I used the fabric from a well worn favorite Roxy skirt that I purchased in Rosarito Beach, a pair of cargo pants that I previously re-fashioned into a messenger bag (Dec 29th, 2011 blog post).  I also picked up a grip of Singer Sewing notions on clearance at a Von's market and sewed the buttons I purchased onto the strap.

I will tweak it a little next time, I think I would like bags on both hips because I love looking Hippy as long as I don't appear too "hippy."

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