Friday, February 10, 2012


A while back a friend who was planning weddings for two daughters just a few months apart turned me on to Pinterest.  It sounded cool, but it really didn't interest my already overflowing interest driven mind. One day I stumbled upon Pinterest (I think I was following a link) and I was in a creative mode so I created a couple of easy peasy boards: Favorite places, Favorite spaces, etc.  I almost completely ignored it for a very long time.

I began following several artsy blogs that caught my attention a little because it's cheaper than buying magazines which I love to read, but more for the content because there are really talented people out there that love to share their ideas and accomplishments.  I found so many great ideas that my brain was a little flooded and then I remembered Pinterest and that was all that she wrote!

If you have a creative mind and so many ideas that you are afraid you will forget them before you can get to them, go to Pinterest!  It's simple to use and a very cool way to post things you love while giving credit to its source.  You are welcome to check out my board anytime here.

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